Why create a board?


You may be a media owner, blogger, business owner, or community leader. Anyone who wants to can get involved. Your virtual noticeboard can be anywhere. Decide where you want it, think of a good clear name, now join up your social universe by adding twitter feeds. Enable SMS communication and let your community start adding notes to the board. A fisherman might SMS the board to advertise his a catch. A nearby church could publish a message about an upcoming event.

Once your board is up, you can embed this community noticeboard on your website, blog, Facebook page or mobile site and bring the local conversation to the web.

Your board is monetized through our ad network and your community can add featured notes to your board. Putting the board on your site could really boost potential revenue.

Community members now have access to relevant hyper-local content through Mimiboards on their favourite local site. Media owners and advertiser can contribute, read and place featured notes to take your message to local people.

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